Thursday, September 2, 2010

On The End of Summer

I generally loathe when people blog about being busy and not being able to blog. So, I am resisting the temptation to apologize and talk about how busy I am. But, I will opt for an out and take a moment to wax about the end of summer, the cause of my absence from the blogosphere.

You know, I've had a pretty killer summer. If you read this blog, you have probably witnessed such. Actually, I've had a pretty amazing year. From my travels to Mexico, to NYC, to the UP and Oregon, each place has been pretty fantastic. And, while here in Chicago things have been outstanding as well.

Therefore, this end of summertime seems even more weighted. I don't mean that negatively, I mean I just feel the pressure of making the most of time... maybe in an effort to sustain the fantastic way in which I've been living. This seems challenging, because with Autumn comes added responsibility. This is especially the case in academia, where I spend the bulk of my days. The students are returning, the questions are many, and my energy is less. The other thing that really starts to bug me is that the days get shorter and although I'm excited for cooler temps, warmer clothes, an Autumn lull, I can't help but feel a bit of pressure. Self-inflicted, I know, but things are more serious now and I need to be more serious and just get stuff done, so to speak.

Here's the other kicker. This autumn, for the first time in two years, is more my own. I will not be spending two nights a week in class. I have added an additional choir to my roster and am hoping to take on more students, but the stress of school work and committing that time is pretty much gone! This is both thrilling and terrifying. No more excuses, Davin. Am I using that time well? Am I accomplishing things? Am I contributing well to the people in my life. These are the questions that plague me, particularly now that fall in rearing its auburn head.

Let this not be a discouraging note, but more to say that I'm busy with real life now and I don't much care for it. I'd rather be back at the lake house, or on the beaches of Mexico, or in the redwoods of Oregon, but here I am. My desire is to make the most of it. To start the end of the year feeling like the beginning of a new year and use it well. Make the most. Grow myself, so to speak. So, here is to a "new year" and more accomplishments and more enjoyment for girl and boyment.

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