Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Favorite Book Week - Thumbsucker

So, I don't know if you remember this movie from 2005, but it was directed by Mike Mills and it was called Thumbsucker. It was a bit of an indie cult hit and starred one of my favorites, Ms. Swinton. The movie was pretty great, not life altering, but it was definitely a standout of the year and something I think about every now and then.

During the filming of the movie, Mike invited some of his photographer friends to hang out and take pictures as they chose to document the process. So, Todd Cole, Ed Templeton, Mark Borthwick, Takashi Homma and Ryan McGinley all hung out and snapped away. The result was the following lovely book by the same name as the movie, Thumbsucker.

I don't know why I go back to this book as often as I do. I guess for me, this is an exercise in observation? Five artists documenting a place and event as they see fit. Through their own eyes, they give a unique perspective, some that aren't even of the actual filming but more the space that it existed in. I think as an exercise this is interesting and inspiring for me as a photographer. Take a look:

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