Friday, September 3, 2010

On Film

I quite often get the question, as I think a lot of photographers do, "What equipment do you use?" "Is that film?" "What kind of film do you use?"

Here's the funny thing about that question in terms of me as someone who takes pictures. I don't know that much about equipment or film. A lot of what I do, I've done because I didn't know any better and have accidentally discovered the results. I think a lot of artists experience this and for me, this was the best way to go about it.

That being said, I did want to say that most often, if I'm just documenting life or taking pictures for the blog or doing easy picture taking, I use a little point and shoot digital camera. It is sufficient. In fact, it is more than sufficient. But, if I'm in a setting where I know there may be potential for what I like to think of as "elevated" images, or pictures that could really stand above and beyond, I generally have my big clunky Mamiya and some Fuji 200, 35mm film.

Some people ask me why I use film, and in short all I can say is that film contains more information than digital does. Even more importantly, the information, to my eye, is more interesting. I appreciate digital and am thankful for digital, just like I feel about CD's and mp3's but sometimes you need to listen to vinyl, ya know?

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