Friday, September 24, 2010

On Salt Water Taffy from the Allegan County Fair

Let me tell you a somewhat cute and funny story.

My parents have ventured into the world of text messaging. Now mind you, they are treading lightly and not out of choice but out of ability. My favorite message I've received so far from my mom read "Luvyudvn." Adorable, right?

Well, last week I was talking to them on the phone and they mentioned they were headed to the Allegan County Fair, which is just a permanent fixture of my childhood. Each fall we would go and just thinking back on it I am rushed with nostalgic smells and images, some of them a little bit trashy and lot of them pretty sweet. One of my memories is of buying salt water taffy. This is not the taffy that you get in little bite sized morsels, but that which is stretched out in a long strip, nestled between wax paper. It was unbelievably gooey and best when put in the refrigerator for a day or so.

After I got off the phone, it occurred to me to send the parents a text saying "Hey, if you have the chance, grab me some taffy at the fair and send it along." Of course there was no response, so I didn't really think twice about it.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I receive a mystery package in the mail that looks remarkably like those containers you use at the drive through bank.

Inside? a familiar shaped bag.

Inside that? Oh hai!

Yum! Just as I had remembered! This is no artisan taffy, but the homemade kind. Rough around the edges. Carefully, yet messily placed in the wax paper.

Ok, so this stuff is awesome and gooey and delicious.

It only tastes like this when it comes from the fair. I say this as someone who has eaten much taffy from many places. This stuff is special. It is full of sweetness and then the little bits that get stuck to your teeth manage to carry an incredible amount of salt, almost to cleanse the palate. And, after a few hours in the cold, you get a nice snap when you break off a piece to begin with. Thanks to the Youngs parents for making my day, yesterday.

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  1. i loved the allegan county fair but im down south now and craving some of this delcious taffy can i buy this somewhere online?? please help u can email me at jags girl 904 at aim