Friday, September 17, 2010

On Favorite Book Week - Animals and Men

This might seem and odd pick to end the week with, but all I can say is that I really like this book. I like the concept behind it and I like it as a sociological, anthropological, and historical look back athow "men" have depicted their relationships with animals throughout history.The male gaze and animals. Have you thought about that before? I think not. Again, this book came from a yard sale or a book giveaway or something, but I've really clung to it. Now mind you, I know that this book is totally out of date and narrow and I realize, somewhat problematic. But, I am fascinated nonetheless and find it a book that I return to whenever I'm in need of some inspiration. As a study of painting and drawing, it is also useful and I find so much of my inspiration as a person who takes pictures to come from those arenas. Take a look:

Thus concludes "Favorite Book Week"! Thanks for sticking with me. Clearly I have 1000000 more favorite books that I would love to share in the future, and maybe will, but these are the spines that caught my eye whilest staring at the shelf. I enjoyed sharing and I hope you enjoyed reading!

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