Monday, September 13, 2010

On Favorite Book Week - Raf Simons Redux

Let me qualify my entry into Favorite Book Week by saying that I won't be focusing on literary books, but books that tend to have a visual component and that I find some inspiration from. I will have to dedicate another week to literary books, but these will probably fall (regretfully) in the coffee table genre, art books, etc.

First, I wanted to call your attention to a book put together by one of my favorite clothing designers, Mr. Raf Simons. My friend Linsey bought me this book as she'd seen me admire it from a far, but this is certainly a book that I go back to periodically for vision and reorientation when it comes to creative inspiration. Mr Simons is one of the premiere minimalists of our time, successfully designing clothes that far exceed my price range, but certainly fall under my realm of admiration. But here's the thing that observationally blows my mind. He is manages, in 2010 to still present a sort of rebellious view via minimalism. It is both beautiful and mysterious and enviable. Take a look.

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