Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a Purple (Eggplant?) Belt

Generally, I'm more of an understated belt kind of guy. I wrote a while back on my father's belt which I wear quite frequently, but my day to day belt is a dark brown, middle width, leather belt. It looks rather sophisticated, it doesn't make a statement and it keeps my pants up... for the most part.

Recently, I've been noticing gentleman wearing flashier belts. Actually, my friend Tim can often be spotted in a braided belt from some exotic location that he has traveled to and I've always looked on a bit enviously. That being said, I've never felt comfortable wearing something bright around my waist. Just doesn't seem like the kind of attention I'd like to draw, so I stick to my brown belt. Until, now.

I've purchased this purple character, and after having given it a trial run yesterday I feel pretty confident that I can get away with it (you may be shaking you head otherwise!)

I think it adds just enough character without being too flashy, plus the contrast with a pair of green khaki pants is quite nice.

On Floral Surprises

One of my favorite components of gardening or plant maintenance is the surprise of the flower. Some plants you purchase already in bloom and the only result is their impending dead future (wow!) But, then there are the others which you purchase on a whim and maybe you didn't even know they were going to bloom and voila! Such is, the following.

Recently, while perusing my floral success story on the lanai, I noticed the little buds. Who knew they were even coming? The plant looked singularly green to me and given my lack of knowledge of what kind of plants some of mine are, how could I have known better. But there they were in all their semi creepy glory waiting to show me what they are made of. Well, lucky for us, the surprise was only a day away.

Look at these beauties! Just as my hydrangeas are turning brown and my rosemary continues to oddly defy gravity, there are these little babies. Any ideas what they might be?

Also, this makes me curious what else might be florally in store for this summer.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On turning 29

My intention was to wax poetic about turning 29 today, but I gotta be honest, I don't feel like it. I'm at work and I've been busy all day... but don't feel sorry for me. I'm lucky! I have a job that I'm not displeased to be at on my birthday and I was treated to a lovely lunch at Floriole followed by a delicious cupcake from Sweet Mandy B's. And tonight? Well, I'll go to dinner at one of my fav's (Green Zebra) with one of my fav's (Scott). So, all is well and 29 feels good. Here's to another year.

On Dressing Well and Riding a Bicycle

via The Sartorialist

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the Ghosts of Bikes Past

Because I am blessed with fantastic folks in my life, I was taken out for a bit of a surprise birthday evening last night. Tuesday's the real day, but the weekend is where real birthday fun is, so we headed to Spacca Napoli where enjoyed some pretty amazing pizza's. I was wise enough to order the Bianco Nero which had black and white truffle oil as well as Porcini mushrooms. Yum! Scott was clever enough to pick up mini singing "Davins" (bow tie and all) to serve as a party favor.

Personally, I don't wear that much lipstick, but I do have a similar tux. After dinner, we ended up heading over to a pretty great party at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory, featuring Matt and Kim that Jessica was kind enough to hook us up with. It was really a great evening with people that I love.

Linsey gave me a clever gift that she picked up at the Brooklyn Flea Market when she was recently in New York.

Check it out ya'll. These are the Bikes of Davin Past! Since so many have been taken from me, apparently some painter took it upon himself to paint their ghosts. Well, maybe not exactly but I like the thought and will proudly hang it on my wall in remembrance...

I'm sure I'll have some more to say about turning 29 on the actual day, but for now, here's to hanging on to my current ride.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Inventory Magazine

I confessed recently about my minor obsession with periodicals. Well, I've acquired a particularly impressive addition to the collection. It is called Inventory and it is produced in Vancouver, BC. The magazine is meant to be "A Curation of Ideas in Product, Craft & Culture." That, it is, but additionally is a beautiful bound collection of photographs and articles that are right up my alley. Actually, if I were to turn this blog into a magazine, I'd imagine it to look a little something like this:

Including international shipping, the rag is a little pricey, but I can't remember the last time I was quite so excited to thumb through to a next page.

On a baseball cap

You might not know this about me, but I have a bit of a thing for caps and hats. I generally think my head is suited for such and find myself often purchasing more. The thing that is most silly about this is that I so rarely wear them. When exactly is a hat appropriate? There is of course the potential hat hair which leaves one fearful of wearing a hat on the way to an event or at an early point in the day. I do often prefer to wear hats when I travel. Something psychological about shielding one's head amidst and airport or location that is unfamiliar or unpredictable.

Most recently, I purchased this blue beauty.

My father would definitely refer to this as a cap. I've worn it through a couple of trips now and it served it's purpose quite swimmingly. It fits perfectly and fulfills my current obsession with the color blue as well as protects from sun and or psychological warfare. Well, maybe not the psychological warfare part, but I feel pretty good wearing it and I think there is some psychology to that.

On The Calm after The Storm

Yesterday was an epic storm in the city of Chicago. One that seemed unpredictable at best. Large bolts of lightning, down pouring rain and a sky like I hadn't seen before. At one point, there was sun, lightning and a rainbow all in one place. Truly odd. When all was said and done, the sky seemed so unsettled. We watched it from our porch in awe of it's odd yellow colour.

I offer you the view to the south and the west from the Lanai.

To the north?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On A Graduation Gift

As I mentioned before, my niece graduated from high school. I've been thinking for a long time about what would be a useful and meaningful graduation gift. When my father graduated from High School, everyone received a watch. I kind of like that idea, but here is what I came up with.

First and foremost, I made two mix CD's. The first is music that is somewhat (in the last 5 years??) current and relevant that I think is useful and good to know if she doesn't already. On the train trip home, I went through my entire iTunes and grabbed every track that I thought fell into this category and then tried to shave it down to 18 tracks. I came up with some LCD Soundsystem, Sufjan, Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, St Vincent... etc. It is called "Now."

On the second CD I included tracks that I didn't know when I was 18 and that I'm glad I know now. Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Peggy Lee, Nick Drake, Serge Gainsbourg, Bill Withers. This CD is called "Then."

After this, I thought would give the recent grad the gift of mobility, so a gas card was in order. Additionally, this is the car is the best place to listen to mix CD's.

Finally, what I have yet to disclose is that I will be the proud owner of an iPhone 4, hopefully next week (thanks to someone who is incredibly generous). Therefore, I thought it my duty to pass along my current iPhone to someone who might not be able to purchase one on their own and would appreciate it. So, the purchase of an Incase was in order as it has saved my phone from about 100 different drops.

It's such a special time, ya know? I remember being done with High School so clearly and the opportunities that seemed at my finger tips. My hope is to enable her to take advantage of them.

On Jumping on Trampolines

Saturday was my niece's graduation party in Michigan. I've learned later in life that this is a pocketed Midwestern phonomenon where those who graduate from high school have an open house, usually in their garage or a rented tent. They display their awards, pictures from their childhood and offer cake. It's really a weird and beautiful thing. A celebration of passage into adulthood.

My niece's was an incredible event. Lots of relatives, lots of friends from High School and lots of faces from the past. How my Sister and her family pulled it off? I don't know, but no detail was left unnoticed.

Long story short, amidst my Sister's beautiful home and surrounding yard sits a large trampoline. Something I always wanted as a kid and never had. I remember spending many hours on my friends' trampoline, doing just as much jumping as sitting around and talking. I also have a vivid memory of spending an afternoon on my aunt's trampoline during my cousin's graduation party.

Saturday, once the kids and teens had cleared the trampoline, I spotted an opening, grabbed my other niece and did some jumping.

As did she...

Is there something else that brings more joy?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On My Father

I'm currently in Otsego, MI with my Father on Father's day. There are not words for such insane amounts of gratitude as that which I have. I'm so fortunate and I can't think of a better man to model my life after. I'm truly happy to have him as mine on a day like today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On an Old Portfolio

I must confess, I'm not taking any pictures these days. There is no grand reason, it just seems like my life isn't pointed so regularly in that direction, but I have no doubt that it will be soon. Especially given the many wooded places I anticipate being this summer. (You know my fascination with the woods.

In the meantime, I've been spending some time scanning old images and have been reminded how incredible it is that time moves so quickly. This becomes especially apparent when you have so much documentation, as I do. I happened across what was an old portfolio of images and was immediately reminded of why I thought each was special. Even though almost none are in my current arsenal (I was much more graphically oriented then), I still very much like them all.)