Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Photographer Worship: Debbie Carlos

This post will be short, because I've written a more comprehensive post about my friend Debbie Carlos photo opening at Lula Cafe over at the Alternative Apparel Blog. I'm going to be doing some blogging for them here and there about my meanderings here in Chicago. I'm delighted they've asked me to do so, and was equally excited to have my first post be about Debbie's photography.

Full disclosure: I always have wanted to take pictures like Debbie Carlos. Well, I think in some ways ... growing as a photographer, I've found my own style and way, but to say that I didn't try and mimic her at first would be a lie. I think her 35mm aesthetic has always appealed to me and her authentic ways of presenting her life was something I also wanted to emulate. She has a flair for the cute and an inconspicuous way of looking at that which is around her. I'm super into it. And, like I said in my alternative post, she is nice. How good to know talented nice people!

If you are in Chicago, stop by Lula to see her stuff!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Perfect Pair of Denim

If you're like me, you've spent much of your adult life on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans. If you're not like me, well, consider yourself fortunate! The truth of the matter is, denim is now all purpose. I can get away with nice denim at work and it is often the most appropriate thing to wear out and about as well (although, I've become reacquainted with and excited by khaki lately... more on that later.) The perfect fit is of the utmost importance but the challenge of finding that fit seems often impossible. These aren't just jeans we're looking for here, they are every day every occasion pants.

I have tried to many inexpensive routes and also some very expensive routes... with a few stories of success. But, due to changing bodies (read: too many sweets!) and wear and tear, the successes of the past had most recently become not available.

Enter The Gap. Now, I'm with most in that I think the Gap has generally lost its way. Uninspired design and general lack luster direction, but this is something that for me, they've got really right. I love these jeans. They are "skinny" fit, which is not available in store, only online But, let's be honest, skinny fit at the Gap ... well, they fit well! I've hardly been able to take them off since getting them and the price was just right. My only complaint is that stupid "1969" printed on the back, but this is nothing a nice belt won't cover. So, if you're looking for a piece of raw denim, I'd recommend these.

On Voting

I've been thinking a lot recently about voting in this mid term election. This humorously came to a culmination last night as I was nearly impaled by a political sign flying in the enormous gusts of wind we are currently having in Chicago. I tweeted earlier yesterday evening that it seemed metaphoric and humorous that the signs were blowing through the air in the midst of this crazy weather. Later that evening I was almost killed by one! I will chalk that up to coincidence, but it did make me snicker.

Listen, I'm not big into politics right now. I think part of me still feels exhausted from 2008 when the Obama elections reached epic political proportions. That being said, if one lives in the United States and is an active participant in society, one cannot miss the advertisements and anger that seems to flowing freely. The anger is because there is much a stake.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That is what I can say for where we stand right now. I think about the many privileges I have and the many I still don't have. I say that understanding that I have so many more than others throughout the world. But, call me greedy. I want it all! Because of this, I am taking the opportunity to tap into optimism and vote accordingly. This, I can do... whether I feel like it or not.

So, if you were considering not doing so, might I encourage you to find your polling place? I'll be doing the same.

Monday, October 25, 2010

On a Picture Machine

Sorry for being absent as of late. As I mentioned to Mary the other day, I'm an emotional blogger. As in, when there is a lot on my plate, I can't blog. But, here I am and I have something quite brilliant to share with you.

A while back, I was contacted by a lovely gentleman who was working on an art installation piece that involved what can be described as a reworked cigarette machine and some re purposed photography. Taking original images and turning them into what can be compared to small polaroids, individuals in attendance could purchase the different packs of photos, like they would cigarettes. Brilliant, I thought. I agreed to participate and submit my photos for polaroidization.

Unfortunately, the project took place at Photokina in Cologne, so it was not something I was able to witness in person, but I have now received my pack of photos and can share those with you.

Here is an image of the machine:

Here is what I received in the mail:

To learn more about the project, check out

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On an Interview

I did an interview a while back for

It feels silly to read my own words, but it is nice to be able to share some thoughts.

If you have a moment, take a look.

Friday, October 15, 2010

On Inspiration Friday

On Dressing Well: Scarf Weather

Is it time for scarves yet?

I'm ready!

Photos via: and some others I don't remember.

On Periodicals: Apartamento

I've blogged about Apartamento before, but I just picked up the new (ish) copy and I was reminded how much I like it. I think if I were to make an interiors magazine, this is how I'd hope to do it. This aint your mother's staged home photo shoot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On My First Apple Pie

On Saturday, I intended with some friends to go apple picking. Well, apple picking is actually oooover for the season. How disappointing is that? I swear that it was this time two years ago we went, but apparently the season ended a bit early this year so we opted for a pumpkin farm instead.

This was a flop. Well, not entirely. I got to spend quality time with people I love, but it was nearly 90 degrees (!) and the place was packed with the best of suburbia. So, I took a quick trip around the apple part of the market only to feel like I could have just gone to Dominicks to pick up my desired granny smith apples. But, alas, I got the apples and I called my mother to get her apple pie recipe. This was my goal, to mimic my mother's apple pie.

Sunday, I gave it a go. The key to this pie is the crust, something I've never done before. Without going into detail, I kind of failed. I don't know where I went wrong, but the crust was not as I had remembered. I'm fairly certain this did not have to do with the recipe and more to do with me.

The apple part of the pie is killer. Super tasty and delightful, but the crust deserves a second go. I will try again and report the results.