Monday, November 29, 2010

On Charlottesville, VA

Hey all!

Sorry for the absence the last few days, but I've been out of town for the holiday visiting my dearest friend in the whole wide world, Mary. Scott and I took off on Wednesday in the very very early AM, flew to Washington D.C. and drove our rental car through the Virginia hills to find the charming town that is Charlottesville. Based on Mary's explanations I had an idea of what Cville was going to be like, but to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

I think I'll break the trip up into a couple of posts and first just give you a glimpse of the locale. Mary lives on "the Mall." A sweet little downtown pedestrian walkway with a bevy of independent shops and restaurants. We were able to take in a farmers market, have delicious dinner and brunch and just generally toodle around.

Oh, and remember how I mentioned brunch?

She is also in short driving distance of the Blue Ridge mountain range, so we were able to take "Black Friday" and make the Blue Ridge our own. Honestly, I think we saw just two other cars during our drive through the mountains.

So, obviously, it was awesome. That is a little about the place, but soon I'll share some more about the people and the food.

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