Monday, November 8, 2010

On a New Camera

I finally made the plunge. Last Friaday. It was so worth it!

I've been debating buying a proper digital camera for, well, years. I felt that if I were truly going to make the investment, I needed to go all the way. Buy a professional grade camera with a professional grade lens. It seemed I would be doing myself an injustice by doing anything different, but due to the $$$ involved with that the result has been years of putting it off.

Recently, I decided I would just take the plunge, but not the full plunge. I would purchase a top level mid-grade camera with a stellar lens. I placed my orders online and waited patiently.The lens arrived promptly, but the purchase of the camera didn't happen because of a shady internet seller. So, on Friday I had enough and made my way to Calumet to make the purchase.

My expectations have been exceeded. I shoot film. I love film, but I'm getting too lazy for film! So, with this digital camera I am convinced that I can still be convincing. Scott was the unassuming victim of my all weekend long picture taking, so I' thought I'd just share a few images from our incredibly delicious lunch yesterday at Pastoral as well as a moment by the lake. It really was a beautiful day, yesterday.

Not bad, right? I feel like my expectations have been exceeded and I am excited to document more and more... something I have been lazy about as of late.

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