Thursday, March 10, 2011

On a Day Trip - Coba and Valladolid

Like I said, most of our days in Mexico were spent Ocean side, but one day, Thursday, we made our way out into the world to do a bit of sight seeing. These are two places I went my last time I was in the area, but I wanted to return as they were new to Scott and both very beautiful. Coba is a Mayan ruin with a temple that tourists are still allowed to climb. For the reason, it makes it a must see ruin, because most are very controlled and only able to be viewed from afar. We of course made our way directly to the top to check out the incredible view. The way down is in someways much scarier than the way up.

After we walked through the woods of Coba, we got back in the car and made our way to the Spanish Colonial town of Valladolid. A colorful and vibrant city with many aspects preserved, Valladolid is a real treat to walk around. When we weren't eating (see previous post) we were walking around and observing. You really get the sense that these walls have stories to tell.

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