Friday, March 11, 2011

On Cocqui Cocqui - Valladolid

As you may remember, I inquired from you, my fellow blog friends about this place called Cocqui Cocqui. You of course came through and prompted a bit of research on my end. Turns out there is a Coccqui Cocqui in Tulum and Valladolid. We stopped into the one along the beach of Tulum and also to the one in Valladolid. For some reason, the one in the Valladolid seemed a bit less intimidating and prompted a bit more inquiry on our part. Actually the result was a couple of purchases. Cocqui Cocqui is a perfumeria, hotel and spa. Drawing from local ingredients, all the scents have a very natural smell and smells that seem hardy and earthy. The interior was gorgeous, particularly in Valladolid with a dark and historic feel, yet modern and inviting.

So, I picked up this terrific smelling candle. I'm not even that into smelly stuff, but I wanted to take this home with me. It smells like a local tree called Maderas. I have yet to burn it, but I look forward to.

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