Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Tulum - Eating Well

As you can imagine, the food in Mexico was pretty awesome. I actually didn't take a lot of pictures of food because I wanted to focus on enjoying it rather than photographing it. The cool thing about the area is that there is a strong focus (in many restaurants) on local produce. Many of the hotels have their own gardens and grow their own vegetables.

The following is a little lunch we had in a town called Vallodolid. It wasn't the most special of meals we had, but the avocado gazpacho was pretty amazing. I also really enjoyed the mole as well as the very very necessary cold Sol. The sun was pretty brutal that day, so the frozen mugs were a major bonus.

One of our best meals, I did photograph. I had actually read about this restaurant before we went, so we made it a priority to go. It is called Hartwood and is from the same folks who created Peasant in NYC. Let me preface this by saying that during travel, especially to ocean locale, I am a pescatarian... in that I definitely enjoy some fish along the way. I have no problem sticking to my vegetarian ways elsewhere, but I can't resist when in the presence of such delicious fishy opportunities.

So, we saved Hartwood for our last night and boy were we pleased. The food was super rustic seaside fare, with fresh fresh fresh veggies. There are no electrical appliances in the kitchen, so everything is made over an open flame and served in a skillet. I enjoyed a lentil salad, a fish of the day and some delicious coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. Scott had a beet salad and pork chop as well as the same cake. But, ambiance is what really made the experience.

Should you find yourself in Tulum, eat here! It was a treat.

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