Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Tulum - A lot of Nothing

So, as I mentioned yesterday the trip was wonderful. Restorative and rejuvenating and reinvigorating and... today, I'm starting to feel less sniffly and less skin peely, so I feel that now I can properly reflect on just how great everything was. Also, we've had a bit of sun today in Chicago which is if but a weak reminder of the way things were.

Honestly, we didn't do much, which is exactly what I think folks on a true vacation should do. We had a wonderful beach side cabana that would allow for consistent ocean sounds and air flow. The days, with few exceptions, were filled with morning breakfast of eggs and fruit, along with the most delicious fresh squeezed orange juice I have tasted. A cup of coffee was followed by a day of quality beach time. Mostly, I just stared at the ocean. Sometimes I would take it upon myself to actually get in the water and enjoy the waves, but I was happy just to stare. Scott managed to do a bit more reading than I.

Somewhere in the afternoon we would enjoy a drink or two. I made sure to taste the mojitos made of fresh pressed sugar cane and a few piña coladas.

When the sun started to set and my burn became too painful, we would make our way back to the cabana to enjoy the airflow and prep for possibly a walk and dinner. We ate so terrifically well and I will blog more about that later... but I wanted to just share with you generally a day in the life.

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