Monday, January 24, 2011

On Take Me There - Tulum, Mexico

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I'm headed back to Mexico at the end of this month. So, rather than curb my urge, I think our recent trip to a warm climate has but exacerbated my need to get there as quickly as possible. The destination is Tulum, a place I went and loved before.

In research for this year's trip, I came across this post about a hotel apparently in Tulum, but the post does not say where. It's too late now, we've booked a beautiful cabana right on the ocean... but I'm still wondering where this is??

Updated: Coqui Coqui! Owned by a model. Ugh.

The Selby did some amazing photos here.


  1. The hotel is on the beach on the road from Tulum to Punta Allen, it was called Coqi Coqi and I am not sure if it is still that name. It is minimalistic chic. -Kay

  2. Whoa! The magic of the internet.
    Thanks so much!