Friday, May 14, 2010

On Moleskin Journals

Scott inspired me the other day because he bought some red moleskin notebooks to write in for work. I love a good moleskin journal. I always have and now they make them in great colors and so many different sizes. One for every occasion. So, on my way into a meeting the other morning I realized I didn't have anything to write on and feeling inspired by my observation of purchase, I bought myself a couple of these little guys in blue!

Admiring they're color, shape and style I began by writing the date in the top right hand corner. About midway through the meeting, I looked at my notes and realized in disgust how terrible my handwriting is. It is really bad. So, I tore the page out that I had been writing on and proceeded to try and again, writing more neatly. Well, three quarters of the way through the meeting, I tore out that page as well. The thing about moleskin journals? They're not meant to have their pages torn out.

But you know what, this is why I never was a successful journaler. I hate my handwriting. I've tried to improve it, even considering penmanship classes or something, but the truth is that you learn how to write when you are young and rarely does this get better as we get older. Usually, it gets worse. Plus, I mostly type now.

It my fit of frustration with regards to my beautiful moleskin and my lousy handwriting, I have purchased an iPad. Just kidding. But I'd like to pretend it would be a legitimate excuse to do so.

Both celebrate simplicity and practicality, but one costs a lot more...

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