Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Teaching

You know, I never felt strongly compelled to teach.

I think some people do. I think they feel that they can make the world a better place by sharing information in a manner that enables others. I believe that and admire those people, but in the past I never felt called to do it. This is particularly the case in a classroom setting, as talking in front of groups is something I'm pretty good at doing but don't love to do.

That being said, I remember the summer I graduated from college and I was living at home and I decided that I would give private voice instruction a go. It seemed like a good idea as I knew I had some potential students and I knew I had a fair wealth of knowledge to share. Actually, my first voice students precede that a bit as I taught in college, (a few fellow college students and a gentleman in a retirement home) but after college was the first time I went it alone, setting up a studio, creating the curriculum and making it happen.

It was then that I think the magic of teaching really hit me. To witness positive change because I had effectively shared information was incredible. It created a high I hadn't experienced before and one I was reluctant to understand because deep down inside I knew that it would potentially mean something big for me and I was a bit leery of that. My trepidation came from my understanding that teaching is a huge responsibility on whatever level you do it and I have great respect for those who choose it, but I was always afraid that wasn't me. I wasn't necessarily up for the challenge... but it felt so good!

Fast forward to six years later and now you find me, a full blown teacher. I'll call myself that with pride and without hesitation. Somewhere along the way I succumb. It really is a joy filled thing to be sharing and growing and learning with others, particularly in the area of voice, that which I have spent so many hours studying myself. It is something I take great pride in and although I don't have all the answers or all the solutions, I am excited to work with others to figure out as many as we can.

My Father, a minister for many years once told me that there was never a Sunday morning he woke up and felt like he didn't want to preach, which I think is a testament to his passion.

I feel similarly in that every time I've completed teaching, I feel more compelled to teach.

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