Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Spring

There are times in life where we know we are missing certain things that are happening around us and other times we identify how tuned in we may be. This is the case with me and the season that is upon us right now. I feel particularly aware and fond of Spring. From the first thunderstorm, to the cherry blossoms to the first walk to the lake and warmth of the sun. I'm in it. It feels right and I realize now that other years I've been too busy to notice.

Maybe I was in class, or maybe I was doing a gig or maybe I was just watching TV, but this year spring is beautiful and I'm reminded that life is good.

And one of the ways in which I think I'm able to particularly enjoy it is because of transport on my bicycle.

I'm not sure I ever clarified that after stolen bicycle (#4!) I managed to pick up this little gem for an inexpensive price and it has transformed my spring experience. Riding to work in the morning is a joy and taking in the city through this method of transit is always preferred for me.

So, here's the spring and rebirth and long lunches in the sun and crisp air on the way to work and sleeping with the windows open and all the stuff I've forgotten in the past to pay attention to.

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