Monday, May 17, 2010

On the places you'll go

I had a well received concert yesterday with the William Ferris Chorale at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. When I walked into the chapel, I was reminded how unbelievably beautiful it is and immediately took my iPhone out to snap a picture. Which got me thinking again how odd it is that I have ended up spending so many hours in this somewhat magical churches. It's weird, right? How we end up in these places in our lives. I said to one of my fellow singers that I find it odd that in my life I keep making my way to Rockefeller Chapel in Hyde Park to sing. I have no connection to that place, but work and life keep bringing me there.

Today I was looking again at the picture and began to thumb through other iPhone snaps I've taken of different churches I've been singing at in the last year. I thought I'd share.

It is both weird and amazing.

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