Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a proper backpack

Now that I'm out of grad school and carrying around fewer books and my laptop less frequently, I've been on the hunt for backpack that is a bit smaller, yet still hardy. I have a couple backpacks, but generally they are two big and/or awkward for my daily lunch, sweatshirt and maybe one book. I'm all about the backpack, because it is the only realistic way for me to transport things while riding my bicycle.

A couple of weeks ago Scott forwarded me this little number.

It immediately caught my attention. A bit pricey, but simple, classic and hardy. It would hold a laptop but also wouldn't be too bulky if I just had a couple of small things in it. Well, turns out this was a collaboration with Duluth Pack and Inventory and was subsequently sold out. Sooo, I did some research on Duluth Pack to see what the lowdown was on these bags.

Turns out this is a standard bag for them (with a few modifications by Inventory) and it is also available (less expensively) through their website. Here's the one that caught my eye.

Additionally, the company has put together these videos that showcase their bags and also have other videos that show the process of the bags being made.

Which by the way, this is a fantastic marketing technique.

Yesterday, while I was contemplating this purchase it occurred to me that my best northern Minnesotan friend might in fact know this brand. When I asked dear Mary about it, she groaned. Was another element from her remote Minnesotan childhood becoming chic? Weren't Uggs enough?

Well, the answer Mary is yes. When I get this bag in the mail and wear it all abouts Chicago, you'll know it to be true.

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