Friday, May 7, 2010

On things in the mail

Each day this week I've come home to my mail box somewhat anxiously as I've been waiting for a two new cards from my bank and a card from the Chicago Transit Authority. A couple of weeks ago I thought I lost my wallet. Well, I did lose my wallet, but it was returned to me. In the meantime I had shut off all my cards and ordered new ones. This process seems to take forever and I'm still waiting to receive one of them, but yesterday I discovered two fun things in my mailbox.

First off, let me preface this by saying rarely in my life have I said much positive about the Chicago Transit Authority. I think like many government run agencies, it is pretty much a mess. Chicago Transit overall is ok for a major city, but the CTA is just in general about as pleasant to interact with as the post office. That being said, I received my new "Chicago Card Plus" in the mail yesterday. Check out how it came:

Inside the envelope was a faux paper wallet that contained the card. I didn't show this, but the wallet unfolds to an instructional poster. Talk about a quick way to win over a boys heart. Send me a well designed package and I'll forgive the two weeks it took to receive. I think it is terribly cute and clever. Well done, CTA.

Second, remember my shout out to those red Collegocity bags? Well, look what I got!

Thanks, Mary!

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