Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Iced Coffee

While going through some old pictures today to think about updates for my website I happened upon thiser here iced coffee photo.

This is from my old place, when I used to actually make my own iced coffee and enjoy it at home. This was also before I moved directly above the Sweet Bean which so graciously supplies me with the beautiful beverage each morning in Metropolis format. I remember being kind of enamored with the gradient that existed in this photo. My cream slowly creeping into the coffee with the ice cubes at the top.

What it is about iced coffee and why do I want it so voraciously during the summer. Additionally, how does my strong desire for it magically turn off during late September, early October. Oh, mysterious drink.

I've had this talk with a number of folks who prefer a morning dose of the warm stuff and I can get behind that, should I be sitting in air conditioning, but usually upon my walk to the bus/train or following my bike ride into work I can think of few other things I'd want more than a little bit of cold java. The warm stuff just wouldn't suffice. So, in honor of the summer java, I re present this picture for your enjoyment. May you have many a caffeine high from the cold stuffs.

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