Monday, July 19, 2010

On Pitchfork Music Festival

Since its inception, I have been in attendance at the Pitchfork Music Festival, with the exception of last year where I was with m parents for their 50th anniversary. I have to say, that each year I imagine myself sweltering in the heat and dealing with the crowds and consider bailing, but, and this is a big but, I don't. Therefore, I declare publicly that it would be a big mistake if I did. It really is a fantastic time in a situation that feels particularly Chicago and particularly positive.

The festival in general is incredibly well thought through and responsible. They recycle, they don't gouge, they have lots of vegetarian food options and this year they dropped bottles of water to a necessary $1 price. See, it was hot. Well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit each day, so the fact that so many people are willing to brave the temps and listen to bits of indie rock is deserved of inexpensive water.

I think this year, I listened to more music than I actually have in the past. Less distracted by location and more interested in spending time with friends, both days we parked ourselves and just hung out in between two of the three stages. The highlight for me was LCD Soundsystem. A show that seemed to cause just about everyone to dance.

Overall, times like these remind me that I am happy to be able to things like this. Spend a weekend, in a park, with friends and food and music. Oh, and the shower afterward was pretty amazing, too.

ps. Can you believe the quality of the new iPhone pics? I'm impressed.

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