Friday, July 16, 2010

On Sprout

When Scott and I were in NYC, in particular, wandering around Brooklyn with my friend Paul, we happened across a boutique plant store called "Sprout." We wandered around a bit and enjoyed the selection of unique plants. Paul even purchased one.

I kept thinking during our time int he store that this place reminded me of a place in Chicago, which I thought was also named Sprout.

Earlier this week I mentioned to Scott that I wanted to check out the Sprout here in Chicago as I had a couple more pots on the porch to fill. As I looked up the hours on the website, I realized they were indeed the same store. Two locations, here and in Brooklyn. How funny that we would happen upon the other as it was tucked away.

Tuesday, we made our way to Sprout Chicago and I picked up two plants for the office and two for home that I'm quite thrilled with.

Might I suggest that if ever you're in the market for unusual plants, you stop by this store in either Brooklyn or Chicago? Their selection is truly unique and they have a bevy of terrariums that are just fun to look at. I'm quite excited about my purchases.

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