Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Six or Less

There's a piece in the NYtimes today that highlights a small online movement of people committing to either live a year without purchasing clothing or living a month using only six items of clothing. bosts a community of bloggers who have decided to take on the challenge and document the ways in which they see this being impactful in their life.

I've got to tell you that I've always liked things like this, in theory. Despite all my "things"I'm a minimalist at heart, and yesterday as I began to throw clothes into my bag in preparation for my trip to Oregon, I was reminded how overwhelmed I get by trying to decide what is appropriate to pack. This is particularly the case for this trips and temps threaten to span a good 40 or more degrees Fahrenheit. As much as 100 during the day and as low as 50 at night. So, how in the world does one not overload their suitcase to accommodate this?

But, back to everyday life, doesn't this seem like a good idea? Mary told me this is how she lives already, but I think I would challenge her (or anyone for that matter) to really go down to six. This is one of the reasons I'm supportive of school uniforms because I think it takes a lot of pressure off, although, I'm reminded of how the Fresh Prince of Belair used to wear his school uniform sport coat inside out. I suppose we all want to be a bit different, but when really stripped down to the essential six, how do we make ourselves stand out? Worth a thought.

I'm feelin' though that this IS an impetus to keep my packing minimal. I think I can stay with one bag... we'll see.

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