Friday, July 16, 2010

On Shoes for the River

Next Saturday I will be making my way to the remoter parts of Oregon. I will be flying into the Medford and driving to an even smaller town NEAR the already small place of Cave Junction. This is a family trip, as I will be meeting my Sister, her husband and children and traveling with my mother and father. This is something my sister has wanted for a long time. An area of the country that they travel to relatively often. The home of her husband's family and apparently a part of the country that is so beautiful it is not to be missed.

In preparation for the trip I've been instructed that I will need proper shoes to walk around in water and rock. Where we will be staying is near a series of rivers that beg to be waded in an walked through, their basin both enticing and rocky.

Given my lack of active wear knowledge, I've done a bit of research and recently came to the conclusion that Chaco Sandals were probably the way to go. I've been hesitant about the price tag, but certainly I would never wear a pair of Keen's. Also, after trying on a pair of Teva's which, really really really remind me of middle school, I realized there was not comparison. The Chaco Sandals were of an incredibly high quality and worth the investment.

Here's the thing that makes them special. Besides the quality of the sole and the support they provide, the straps wrap through the sole and adjust to your foot as you move and walk. You can actually feel this and the mobility it provides.

My plan is to give them the ultimate test by breaking them in at the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend. I may catch a couple of hipster glares, but I'm willing to take the risk in the name of comfortable feet.


  1. Dude, you've been giving me hipster glares for years because of these shoes. I have them in pink. Welcome to the age of practical shoes. (Chacos are awesome, btw.)