Thursday, July 8, 2010

On sandals from India (Minnesota)

Last summer I made the way to St. Paul, MN to spend some time with my uncle and other family who had gathered for a reunion of sorts. It was a pretty wonderful time in a town I knew a bit as a teenager, but have grown to really enjoy as an adult.

On the second night into the trip the family was spending some time in the local hotel where some were staying. There was a pool for the kids to play in and the adults were able to hang in the lobby to catch up. After a bit of conversation I meandered into the gift shop to find an odd bit of things to buy. The gift shop was run by an Indian man and much of the merchandise seemed to be from India, including the sandals pictured below. Both my sister and I tried them on and decided to purchase. They seemed like practical house slippers and I believe the cost was somewhere around $10.

There are a few every day staples in my life. These sandals have become one of them. They sit at my door waiting to replace my outdoor shoes when I am home. They also are perfect for the beach and for travel in general as they are light and easily transportable. Overall, I'm quite fond of these Indian sandals I purchased in the hotel lobby of St. Paul, MN.

I've heard my sister even wore hers out and has sought out another pair on the net. I imagine someday I'll do the same.

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  1. I might know a guy who could help you out with that.

    All good things come from (or via) Minnesota.