Friday, April 30, 2010

On Being Proud of my Friend

You know, I'm 28 now (almost 29), and I have this observation that many of my friends (and hopefully me?) are starting to hit their stride. The 20's are a weird time because it seems we all have so much energy and gumption, but there also so many barriers.

I'm observing and feeling that the barriers are now fewer and things are starting to fall into place. Things are happening for me and for others. Life is easier. It makes me feel good about myself, but more importantly proud of my friends.

Yesterday, Mary sent me this photo of the students that are currently on a college tour trip that she is leading through her company Collegocity.

A few years ago, Mary had this great idea for this company that "help's families, student groups, and even colleges themselves prepare for, experience, or provide productive, fun, and authentic campus visits." Through her tenacity and hard work, she singularly has made this happen. Her first large scale trip is going on right now and by the looks of things, it is going well.

So, here's to making things happen.

Now how can I get one of those chic, red Collegocity bags??

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