Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On French Pop/Rock/Icon Worship - Serge Gainsbourg

Since we're in France, why not stay there with a little Serge Gainsbourg.

This is one of those things you're not supposed to admit on the internet, but I knew Charlotte, Serge's daughter before I knew about him. I know, I know... that takes my cool factor down a bit, but it's honest. After discovering Charlotte and her terrific acting and music, I learned more about the Gainsbourg name (not as in Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and learned that Serge was the coolest of the cool. A popular icon. An artist of uncategorizable talent. He embodied and transcended all things "pop." Also, a fantastic dresser... but his legacy lives on as even more. It is also nearly impossible to find a picture of him where he is not smoking. A heart attack took him before lung cancer could.

If you download a ton of Serge Gainsbourg, you could play it all day long on your iTunes and never get bored. I promise that. You also might walk away feeling a bit cooler.

Take a listen and a look.

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