Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Photographer Worship: Debbie Carlos

This post will be short, because I've written a more comprehensive post about my friend Debbie Carlos photo opening at Lula Cafe over at the Alternative Apparel Blog. I'm going to be doing some blogging for them here and there about my meanderings here in Chicago. I'm delighted they've asked me to do so, and was equally excited to have my first post be about Debbie's photography.

Full disclosure: I always have wanted to take pictures like Debbie Carlos. Well, I think in some ways ... growing as a photographer, I've found my own style and way, but to say that I didn't try and mimic her at first would be a lie. I think her 35mm aesthetic has always appealed to me and her authentic ways of presenting her life was something I also wanted to emulate. She has a flair for the cute and an inconspicuous way of looking at that which is around her. I'm super into it. And, like I said in my alternative post, she is nice. How good to know talented nice people!

If you are in Chicago, stop by Lula to see her stuff!

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