Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Photographer Worship - Joseph Rynkiewicz

I'm in the process of considering making a very expensive camera purchase. More on that later, but in consideration it occurred to me that a) I don't know that much about cameras and b) my friend Joe would be super helpful in guiding me through that process. He, of course responded more than helpfully. In reading his response, I was also reminded that it had been a while since I revisited his beautiful photography, so I made my way on over to What a treat. His talent is growing!

In full disclosure, I actually already own one of these photographs, but it still waits for the proper frame. To me, there is such consistency of tone within these (and his other images) and I also feel like I'm observing specifically through his eye. A clear point of view that I appreciate and having the luxury of knowing him, I think it is pretty pretty. So, if you have a moment, stop over to his website and take a look along with me. I think you'll be quite pleased you did.

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