Friday, December 3, 2010

On a Down Parka

I've been prepping for winter hardcore. For some reason this year I just refuse to put up with being cold, so starting in October I started looking for the perfect pair of boots (check!) and winter coat. The search for a coat had a false start as I fell victim to an online sale and purchased a coat I wasn't crazy about. After some deliberation, I decided a return was in order and began my second search for the perfect down parka. I had in mind that I wanted something down, preferably with a fuzzy hood. Not too heavy and not too light. My only other criteria was that the hood be attached... for some reason aesthetically it bugs me when hoods are removable. I wanted mine to permanently attached.

I went everywhere. Seriously. All the obvious places, but if I found anything resembling these criteria it either didn't fit or, well, didn't fit.

Then came Eddie Bauer. I know, Eddie Bauer? But yes, Eddie Bauer. I found a coat that I am so pleased with oddly enough, in size Small. As a 6'3" 190lb man I don't think I've ever worn a small, but in Eddie Bauer Parka land I guess I'm a small and given the recent onslaught of below freezing temps, I couldn't be happier.

With a few days of traversing the cityside, fuzzy hood raised I have to ask myself "why did I not have this coat before?" I'm fearless of you Mr. Winter. Bring it.

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