Friday, December 24, 2010

On a Merry Christmas

Dear All,

Sorry I've been so lax about the blog lately. I've wanted to blog, but sometimes when I'm a bit overwhelmed with life I can't quite bring myself to type. So, I write this to share a few thoughts on this Christmas Eve, 2010.

I'm sitting here in Otsego, MI. My mother is baking pies in the kitchen and my father is wrapping presents in the light of the Christmas tree. We are listening to some of my father's old Christmas tapes, which are mostly over the top arrangements of Christmas tunes with operatic singing. We're waiting for my brother, his wife and kids to arrive. It's Christmas. It's weird, and great.

Let me just say I'm thankful. I know I have a whoooole lot and I'm thankful for each and every bit of it. Do I want more? Yea. Totally. And, I think in 2011 I'm going to get even more because as Scott would say "You deserve it." But I don't care if I get any more things. I have a lot of that. I want more of the good stuff. The name of this blog is of course meant to be silly because things ultimately mean so little, but the sentiment of things can mean very much. I'm thankful for a life full of sentiment and beautiful people and beautiful things and a holiday that reminds me of such... and, I'm looking forward to more in this upcoming year.

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

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