Monday, December 6, 2010

On Snow and Gloves

Hey Ya'll. It snowed. Big time.

It was actually quite a stunning weekend. The first real snow is always the best, before the dogs and people have their way at it and ruin in. It really snowed almost all day on Saturday and has been below frigid temps since. Thank God for my parka and boots. This I can verify.

But, in continuation of winter arsenal perfection, I've enlisted the help of an additional pair of gloves. As perfect as my parka is, I'm a long armed fellow. Long enough that it can be challenging to find a pair of gloves that will cover the wrist distance between hand and coat. That's why I was pleased to find these fellows by Ralph Lauren.

Perfect, right? Now, my wrists will be able to properly fend the cold just like much of the rest of me. Which reminds me, I saw the cutest family walking up State Street yesterday in snow pants. I'm sure they were warm, but it did give me a little lolz.

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