Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On New Balance and Comfort

I'm sure this is a sign of getting older, but it seems that these days I'm obsessed with being comfortable. I find myself wearing looser fitting pants, buying warmer clothing and investing more money than I should things that seem generally "comfy." That's why I've also put insoles in my desert boots and taken full advantage my insurance's coverage of chiropractic appointments.

See, I used to be more concerned with form, but it seems as I grow as an adult I'm more concerned with function. In truth, I think we live in a great era where there is a convincing effort to marry the two and I'm happy to support that.

Most recently, I've been set on finding a pair of sneaks that would serve as a kickaround shoe that doesn't cause my feet pain by the end of the day. The truth of the matter is, living in a city you tend to do a lot of walking no matter who you are and although my Clark's do a decent job, I've still just been struggling. I have a pair of Nike's but frankly after a few trek's up the Mayan ruins in Mexico, they seem done for.

So, I'm jumping on the New Balance band wagon. I know, I know it's like a repeat of the days of Silicon Valley and Bill Clinton inventing the Internets, but after much research, these are truly the most comfortable sneaks. To say I'm happy with them would be an understatement. I'm actually quite excited every time I put them on.

Now if only I had a Silicon Valley job where these were actually appropriate.

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