Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On No Need For Things Gift Guide - Day 1

You know what, I'm just going to be honest and say I'm not feeling really crazy about the holidays this year. The reasons are many, but despite myself I haven't lost my desire to shop... for others (!), this holiday season. I've also been enjoying reading some of my favorite blogs gift giving guides. With this in mind, I've always wanted to do my own gift guide and this year I've decided I will. A "No Need For Things Gift Guide" if you will. It will take me a few posts to get it all out there, but today will be my start.

So, consider this a list of things I have given, would like to give or would like to be given.

Day 1!

Peshtemalis - Turkish Bath Towel

I've been sitting on this Etsy shop link for a looooong time. I love these towels and I imagine them to be a perfect gift. They are made on hand woven looms and are 100% cotton. They take up less room than a regular towel and have the simplicity and aesthetic to beautifully hang in a bathroom or even on the back of a sofa. I also think they would be perfect for days at the beach.

MUJI Reused Yarn T-Shirt

An while we're talking about things that are woven, take a look at this MUJI T-Shirt. Muji is easily one of my favorite stores in the world and this T-Shirt is particularly special because it combines MUJI's lifestyle like minimalism while using up all the excess. A long while ago, I knew someone who had this shirt and I admired it fervently because it was so simple, yet so cool. Shortly there after, I made my first trip the MUJI in SoHo and anxiously picked up my own. Well, I should have gotten a larger size because it's a bit small now, but happilly gifted it to Scott and now can admire it on him. I would certainly consider getting another and gifting it as well.

HEATTECH Grandrelle Yarn Socks

Ok, so I'm just gonna keep moving up the theme latter with some yarn socks also from a Japanese retailer. First off... I love Uniqlo. When oh when will it come to Chicago? Uniqlo, can you hear me? You'll do great business here!

Also, let me explain that each year in the Youngs family, we receive socks. Rather than stockings, Santa would bring us a new pair of socks, usually with an orange in the bottom (an old WWII tradition) and a bunch of other treats. That being said, I love to receive socks. Additionally, I'm hard on socks and can always use more. That's where these lovely Grendrelle socks come in. I have a LOT of Uniqlo socks and they are amazing. They are light and comfy, but hardy and last a long time. I'm particularly fond of the Grendrelle because they look just a little different, but aren't obnoxious.

Hanging Terrarium 7"

Now for something completely different. I caught a glimpse of these bad boys at my too many time mentioned fav store Sprout Home and I've admired them ever since. I also am on a bit of a terrarium kick, so this falls into that vein... but check this out! It's a mini hanging terrarium that you could either plant plants in or just fill with something cooky and interesting. Attach a wire and hang from wherever you like. They are more interesting in multiples, but one might be a nice surprise as well.

Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker

This is for my coffee drinking friends. You know, I'm fairly sure my grandmother had one of these before she just started drinking Sanka... so I have a vague memory of this contraption from an early age. Now I associate this coffee maker with those who are thoughtful homebodies that enjoy an after dinner java jolt. Not like your morning french press, or my oft failed percolating attempts, this little guy is made me to look good while indulging in the historical tradition of making espresso a top a hot flame on your stove. This particular European brand has been around since 1933 and brings with it a strong history and a delicious brew.

Stay tuned for a few more upcoming ideas!

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