Friday, December 10, 2010

On No Need For Things Gift Guide - Day 2

Makr Flap Wallet

Ugh. So, I of course do not need another wallet because I'm still pretty much obsessed with my Comme Des Garcons wallet, but if I were to gift a wallet I would gift one by the genius handyworkers that are Makr. I've been drooling over these products for months and this flap wallet is pretty close to perfect for me. It is an investment, but you would clearly be investing in fine craftsmanship and how can you say no to that? This is something your giftee will have forever and thank you for just as long.

Rich Renaldi - Fall River Boys

I mentioned Rich Renaldi the other day, and it reminded my how badly I want his recently released book called "Fall River Boys." It looks every bit as beautiful to me as I find most of his portrait work. Here is what he has to say about the book. "Since the spring of 2001 I have paid numerous visits to the small community of Fall River, Massachusetts. The town is situated on the Taunton River about 15 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and is home to a Portuguese community of considerable size. Fall River enjoyed prosperity as a manufacturing center for cotton textiles until the 1920s but has seen its economic lifeblood leach away in the intervening decades. As a struggling working class New England community, I am drawn to this town for its bleakness and its beauty. My photographic focus here is on the adolescents who are engaged fitfully, awkwardly in the search for adulthood." This is a coffee table book of the best kind.

Private Music Lessons

Ummm... I'm just going to link to my own private lessons on this one, but let me say that as a general rule if there is someone in your life who has inclination to make music, gift them lessons! It is an incredibly rewarding experience and it gives an individual the opportunity to create and there is no better gift than that. Most private instructors are happy to teach beginners or experienced students, so do not let that intimidate you. Personally, as a teacher I'm just happy to help people get better and watch them feel good about doing so. If your special someone isn't up for the one on one thing, there are tons of class options available. They will thank you!

Giles and Brothers Nut and Bold Cuff links

I'm a pretty big fan of Philip Crangi's jewelry because in general I think jewelry can be too precious and there is something about those pieces that feel worn and weathered, but not unnaturally so. Philip's Giles and Brothers line is just that... not too precious. He takes what many would identify as seemingly found objects and mixes them in ways that seem special and wearable. These cuff links are no expection and while I'd be tempted to just run over to the Home Depot and make a pair of my own, these are probably done with a bit more class and a unique gift.

Canon G11

For me, this camera has everything you could want in a point and shoot. It sits right at the level where a gentleman or lady who doesn't know much about taking pics could automate themselves into beauty, while those of us who have a bit more experience could turn up the heat through manual labor. Aesthetically, it charms me because it looks like the real deal. Not some non-camera looking camera, but the real deal, to capture the moment properly. It's versatility has few competitors and for what you'll be getting (or giving) the price is right.

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