Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On a Bow Tie

You know, my father is a bow tie kinda guy. Me, not so much. But, I've got it in my head that maybe for my friend Robin's, now is the time to venture in such territory. Tomorrow we will make our ascent to the Upper Peninsula to a little town called Republic where we will celebrate she and Dave's nuptials.

I have known Robin since the age of 11 and she has been such a wonderful and consistent presence in my life for well, 18 years... and the addition of Dave has been terrifically welcome, so this wedding is sure to be a treat.

Therefore, with the familiarity of friends/family and the remote location of the Upper Peninsula, what better time to try a bow tie? So, I've been on the hunt, but you know it is quite difficult to fine a bow tie that isn't silky and grandpa like. Then comes J. Crew. I don't mean to be all Michelle Obama on ya'll, but man, J. Crew really is killin' it. Somewhat last minute (this Sunday) I ran across this little number.

Oh, didn't I mention it is a real bow tie? As in, I have to learn how to tie it?

Well, lucky for me, and men everywhere I suppose, there many many many YoutTube videos instructing on such.

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