Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Incase for iPhone

Ever since receiving my iPhone 4 I've been anxiously awaiting for Incase to come out with a proper case. It has taken more than a month as apparently Apple did not release a prototype, so in the mean time you've only been able to purchase soft cases that were easy to mold.

I'm excited about this case for two reasons. First and most importantly, I've been known to drop my phone. I've been known to drop my phone repeatedly. And, my former incase was in short, the savior of my iPhone 3g. Therefore, it is now deemed necessity, despite it's $35 price tag. It seems silly to buy a phone and then have to spend additional money casing it, but this is our reality.

So, I've kept my eye on the website and cursed the wait. Upon my return from Oregon, I noticed someone else with and incase case for their iPhone so I made my way to the website and discovered to delightful options.

The first, is a clear snap case that looks as though there is nothing on the phone. Which, quite frankly, I really appreciate. My friend Tim called this phone a Volvo and I think that is an accurate comparison. Why not show it off?

The second option allows for a little color, but of course I'd choose the grey.

See how slim that case fits to the phone? Yet, based on experience it still provides adequate protection.

What to do?

Ps. Don't believe the haters of this phone. I love my iPhone.

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