Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Natural Souvenirs

During my recent trip to Oregon, there was little time to shop for a proper souvenir. Most opportunities were in gift shops at national parks, which really don't have much to offer. My favorite option was an live burl. I don't actually know how you keep it alive and if it keeps growing, but they had them for sale like pets.

Anyway, I was hoping to bring something back to remember my time there. As I hit the Oregon coast, it hit me what the perfect takeaway would be. Some of the coast itself. Now, I'm no rock collector, but these natural takeaways are really a wonderful reminder of how naturally beautiful a place like the Oregon coast is.

Mini landscapes, I see. Brilliant reminders of the ways in which our earth is beautiful and we can engage in and with it. Reminders that sit quite wonderfully on the mantel.

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