Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On travel to Oregon

Truth be told, I didn't quite know what I was getting into a week ago when I departed Chicago O'Hare with my folks and niece. We were on our way to the west coast, Oregon to be exact. Southern Oregon, to be more exact to the town of Cave Junction. We would spend time with family and very extended family and they would see what the west has to offer for the first time.

What followed were travels through extraordinarily beautiful land. Have you been to this part of the country? I had been to Portland and even to the Oregon coast, but I imagine this part, southern Oregon and northern California to be quite special compared to elsewhere. The mountains had a distinct quality, the weather was warm and dry and the air was especially clear. Each back yard seemed to have a river of some sort and the people were an experience in and of themselves.

Hippies, kinda? Grown up hippies, maybe? I dunno, I felt surprised with everyone I met and observed.

My parents were able to see the California and Oregon coast for the first time as well as the redwoods. We had picnics in backyards with friends and swam in creeks and rivers to wash away the day.

One of my favorite quotes came from my mother when we left the redwood forests and she said "I just realized I've had God so small."

I had a number of highlights, one of which I will write more about later but I have to say, I agree with my Mom. The west reminds you of how big things are and how small we are and how simple life can be and how complicated we sometimes make it. It is so important to be reminded of these things.

If you'd be interested in checking my documentation as far as digital snap go, click here.

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