Monday, August 9, 2010

On Sundays with Food and Friends

Might I suggest that if given the opportunity, you spend Sunday afternoons with friends and food? The temptation is to take it easy on Sundays, stay home, prepare for the week, rest up. This is all very well, but after a lovely gathering yesterday I was reminded that it can be the perfect day to have some quality conversation and delicious food. Friday and Saturday are of courses the most obvious choice, but Sunday is really where the calm is.

Yesterday, my dear friend Nicole planned a gathering that resulted in catching up with friends and eating some delicious homemade summer grub and her beautiful space.

Overall, this weekend was a lovely one. An evening at Ravinia, singing a grand wedding in Winnetka, a dinner at Kith and Kin and then the above time with friends.

I'm a very very luck shmuck.

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