Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a Purple (Eggplant?) Belt

Generally, I'm more of an understated belt kind of guy. I wrote a while back on my father's belt which I wear quite frequently, but my day to day belt is a dark brown, middle width, leather belt. It looks rather sophisticated, it doesn't make a statement and it keeps my pants up... for the most part.

Recently, I've been noticing gentleman wearing flashier belts. Actually, my friend Tim can often be spotted in a braided belt from some exotic location that he has traveled to and I've always looked on a bit enviously. That being said, I've never felt comfortable wearing something bright around my waist. Just doesn't seem like the kind of attention I'd like to draw, so I stick to my brown belt. Until, now.

I've purchased this purple character, and after having given it a trial run yesterday I feel pretty confident that I can get away with it (you may be shaking you head otherwise!)

I think it adds just enough character without being too flashy, plus the contrast with a pair of green khaki pants is quite nice.

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