Thursday, March 4, 2010

On My Clarks Desert Boots

Best purchase 2010 (even though it is only March):

I'm obsessed with these shoes. I've wanted a pair of desert boots for quite sometime, but given my relatively cheap nature I couldn't justify going in for the big kill. I thought I could fool my feet by buying a knock-off pair that I google searched (for the cheapest). They lasted all of two months before I was experience some serious pain from urban walking. Fast forward to New Years Day on a return trip from the fine city of Milwaukee where I managed to talk Scott into stopping into the Clarks outlet. There they were. The perfect desert boot. The color and quality I wanted for a $30 cheaper price tag. I don't believe I've taken them off since. I've done some significant walking in them and they seem to get better with use. To say I'm pleased is an understatement.

This is another example of why I should attempt to live by the motto "Buy Better, Buy Less." My temptation to buy the cheap version of things so often proves unfruitful.

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  1. “I own several pairs of Clarks and Indigo by Clarks Shoes – they have become one of my go-to brands. I tend to look for casual, versatile styles that I can wear with a lot of things, and sometimes that can look really, well… boring! I love that Clarks finds ways to add interesting textures and features to make even my basics look fantastic.”