Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Getting Outta Town and Tommy Ton

Sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blog front this week. It's funny how the beginning of the year is markedly busier immediately following the lull of the holidays. Personally, I welcome it. I'm ready for the year to take off and for things to get rolling. I've been getting in the swing of teaching more and I took and audition earlier this week that went well, so I feel like forward motion is happening. Additionally, I have been trying to get everything accomplished before I head out for a long weekend with Mr. Scott.

Given the recent news, it is odd to say this but we are headed to Arizona for a long weekend. No worries, Tucson is not our destination. We will visit Scott's Mom in Scottsdale and enjoy some time in a warmer climate, if just slightly.

In the meantime I wanted to leave point you in the direction of street style photographer, Tommy Ton. The men's shows are taking place in Florence right now and Ton has been hired by both GQ and to show what's happening outside. I'm consistently inspired by looking at these shots. Not purely for fashion reasons, but aesthetics and what I think are beautiful photographs. You can follow him as he adds the collection each day.

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