Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Scottsdale, AZ

Hi All!

We've returned from a long weekend in Scottsdale, AZ and as it goes when you take a weekend away, you end up steeped in the thick of stuff! Thus, my desire to fully blog about our delightful experience will be squelched a little bit. Let me just say that we had a wonderful time. Ate well, dined al fresco, relaxed, hiked, swam, sunned and movie watched. It was really exactly how a winter weekend away should be. I'd also like to say that I can chalk Scottsdale up on my list of cities that surprise me. I was kind of into it! I was prepared for full on Arizona, and that it was, but wouldn't cha know there is some charm to be had in the AZ?

I'll elaborate more later, but here are a few pics.