Sunday, January 2, 2011

On the Roof and a New Year

Oh, hey 2011. You're here already.

It's Sunday night, the night before we go back to work and get back to the reality of January. The last night of my two week holiday break which I've been oh, so fortunate to have. It's the second day of the New Year, but somehow feels like the last day of the last.

This break has been really nice in that I can't report having done much. I can attest to eating well and sleeping a lot. I've seen friends and spent time just laying low. The weather was strange, peaking at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and now returning to a cool 23. A proper January temp I suppose. New years eve day, the weather was mostly rainy with a glimpse of sun at the end, thus the following roof top pictures that Scott and I took. It was really quite a lovely sight.

I feel positive about 2011. I know I said as much in my "Christmas" post, but 2010 has been a mixed bag... some of the most amazing times of my life and some of the most challenging. I'm predicting more of the same in 2011 but I also think each year we become better equipped to both enjoy the good and handle the bad. For instance, sometimes you are reminded that it is important to go to the roof and check out the sunset on a 60 degree January day. I wouldn't have always known not to miss that. But, now I do and I'm thankful. I also know that right off the bat in 2011 I'm going to be doing some really enjoyable things... taking some time off from doing stuff I've been doing for a LONG time and trying some stuff I've not. Heading to Arizona for a long weekend in January, visiting David and Sara later in the month and then headed to Mexico in February. Aren't I a lucky fellow?

So, I'm thankful and hopeful and look forward to sharing with you all!

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