Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Hiking in the Desert

It seems in the past year or so I've had the distinct privilege to spend time in places that have unique and inviting terrain. Places that encourage exploration and appreciation of natural beauty. That being said, before this weekend I haven't actually spent much time in the desert. I went to Phoenix when I was young, but since then seem to end up in places that are a bit more lush. That's why I was pretty set on taking advantage of hiking opportunities while we were in Scottsdale. There is actually something I find aesthetically pleasing about the southwest and desert living, so I wanted to get up close and personal.

The first day we did a shorter hike unsure of our abilities, but on day two we managed a 5 miler through the McDowell Mountains.

Can I say I now have a particular affinity for "hiking"? What I like about it is the need for follow through. There is no quitting or you won't make it home. I love that. I also love appreciating the space in which we were in and just being able to touch, look and listen. It was really wonderful. Should I live in a warmer climate during these months, I would certainly ditch the indoor track for such hikes.

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