Thursday, January 27, 2011

On My Grandmother's Clock

My Grandmother Youngs was a huge part of my childhood. As my parents had me at a later age, she was my only granparent for much of my life. I never really had a babysitter growing up, just my 80 something grandma who I would go on walks with and play Rummikube. We spent significant time together and my love for her was big. She passed away when I was in college and I find myself missing her often here almost 10 years later. One of my regular reminders of her is this clock.

This hung in my grandmother's kitchen for as long as I can remember. It is not necessarily a special clock. I imagine she purchased it at Kmart of something of the sort, but it has strong ties for me as visually it is a vivid part of my memory. In fact, I even broke the plastic out of the front somewhere along the way, so the clock itself sits exposed to the world. I will say that i love the color of the frame and the font of the numbers is perfectly retro for me. If I look hard enough, I can almost smell her molasses cookies and that is why we keep these sort of things. This not-so-special clock smells like molasses cookies to me and hopefully always will.

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  1. Funny, that clock instantly brings me very strong memories of you and our home together. The tick goes on.