Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Periodicals: Anthology Magazine

I recently found out about Anthology magazine through a friend and was immediately struck that it would be a perfect gift for my friend Linsey. She is a fellow magazine lover and appreciates many aspects of periodicals that I do. Also, someone mentioned that Anthology was the new (defunct!) Domino Magazine and I thought this would be a hit. I placed an order for subscription and also ordered a second copy, assuming it would get here earlier so I could actually give her a copy as the gift. Well, Christmas came and went and neither arrived, but since then we've both received a copy and I think we are both pleased! Now I know this looks like a girly mag and in some ways it is, but the interiors they display are really quite wonderful. Great inspiration for your own home and with the first editions emphasis on "The Slow Life" (something I've been thinking a lot about,) I've found myself repeatedly thumbing through every page.

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